uninstall Tool&Task

If you want to uninstall Tool&Task please open m_personal (='green guy' icon from the toolbar). We put the uninstall procedure there, since the form is password protected. When you click the uninstall button, the procedure is explained and you can choose to start it or not. If you start the program, all Tool&Task information should be deleted. In case you find any files remaining on your disc, please inform us.

Would be great if you drop us a little Email before you uninstall and tell us why you no longer want to use Tool&Task. If you are a member of Tool&Task Update&Info Service, please remove your name from the list if you are no longer using Tool&Task on any computer.

In case you are leaving, check the demonstrations of Tool&Task once in a while. Perhaps we have added a routine which encourages you to install the program again.

Thanks for checking out Tool&Task


The Tool&Task Team