Open directories in Explorer

Windows® separates program files and data files in different directories and has special security rules for the access of program directories. The Tool&Task executables are in c:\programs and are automatically accessed by clicking the desktop icon or during installation and updates.

Data files are separated on the disc of your PC by user and different users may have different data although they are using the same program to handle these data.

It is pretty difficult for the user to find his or her files. In some settings of Windows®, it is actually impossible. You will not get at these files without adjusting some parameters in the Windows® explorer.

Tool&Task is a very open system and each file should be at your fingertips. Sure, there is a risk that files are changed by the user intentionally or not, and program errors occur because this changed the expected structure of these data.

The root of your data directory is saved in a global variable gUserDataTT. By this global variable Tool&Task automatically provides access to the current user of your computer when starting a session. Many buttons have a right-click procedure to open the <gUserDataTT> in the Windows® Explorer. Try to find this directory with the Windows® Explorer starting at c:\ and you know why we introduced this system.

<gUserDataTT< has sub-directories:

hfilesthis directory holds the 'homer' files. Most of them are .dbf's (tables), .cdx (index files) and .fpt's (memo files). Please be careful and better do not touch this directory. You may destroy your installation or impair the functionality of Tool&Task. Advanced users might be interested in contents of these files. Explore them using the Tool&Task form m_browse! This form provides full access to the files! Be careful with changes.
defines.dbf is a table with only one record. Please use the lookup routine for this file (right-click on screen icon - choose 'show fields of defines.dbf').
tempHere you may delete all files, they will be recreated by the Tool&Task routines when needed. tidy_up_temp takes care about files no longer needed.
sourceEnough space for all the programs you explore, change or design. We do hope, you use this directory a lot. Of course you have access to these programs by Tool&Task forms (m_runprog).
sqlsourceSQL commands used in m_creator.
graphicsGraphics files, You may add the graphics used in your own programs to this directory .


Lets assume, there is a image 'nelly.jpg' in your 'graphics' sub-directory and you want to open it in your own program: The command would be
ttg_open(gUserDataTT + "graphics\nelly.jpg") rather than something like

Without this global variable, a system like m_archive would not be feasible. It allows the author of an archive to write a program which will run on the receivers system without even knowing the login name of the receiver.