graphic function ttg_resize()

T&T graphic function ttg_resize

If you want to change the size of an image, use this function. The parameters should be self-explanatory. The original image will not be changed by this procedure.

The resizing is done by the library CXIMAGE which is included in homercx.dll

please find the image-file-extensions we checked and use in ttg_resize in the help for is_cximage().

We do recommend to keep the format (=extension) when resizing images. (errors converting .gif or .png to other formats - if you try, check the result carefully!). The only exception recommended is to convert .bmp to .jpg because of the massive reduction of file size. (Caution: in case you use markers in the images you must stay with .bmp files! Jpg is a lossy compression and the images might not include identical marker pixels in different browsers!


1. fullpath of input image
2. fullpath of output image
3. faktor to enlarge (>1) or shrink (<1)
4. modify image:
  • 0 = no turn
  • 1 or 90 = turn 90 degrees
  • 2 or 180 = turn 180 degrees
  • 3 or 270 = turn 270 degrees