graphic function ttg_qrcompare()

ttg_qrcompare is used to check how many QR-Code dots (dark or light) are untouched after inserting an image into the QR-Code. To our experience a value of 80% at a good contrast and an Error correction level 'H' will keep readability of the code. Anyway, you must check the correct reading of you QR-Code before publishing it.

This function does not need a parameter. Please read the example code and try to find the following steps: In the first run, an icon is inserted at the size of 20 to 30%. It depends on the space of this icon which will be not copied to the final picture. After the first run, a resized copy of the image to insert is stored. Take any graphic program (e.g. Windows® Paint from Accessories) and cover the area of <image>_resized with a color defined by ttg_transcolor(). This color should not be in the original! Now run your program again and see what ttg_qrcompare() finds now.