graphic function ttg_print()

this command will print a .bmp file on your printer. If you call it without any parameter, it will use the default printer (gPrinter), take gTTG_Target, prepare this bitmap for the defined page and print this page.

To get the exact name of the printer, please click the printer icon in the left part of the toolbar, copy the name and paste it into you program. You can define these printers in form M_SYSDEF (Printer and Directories) Do not enter the name of a printer which you did not define there for Tool&Task.

To call the procedure with its 4 default parameters, you may either write ttg_print() or ttg_print(,,,). The latter version includes the 3 comma between the 4 parameters. This enables the replacement of defaults of all 4 or single paramters. ttg_print(,,,"PIXEL") e.g. will use gPrinter and file Ā“gTTG_Target.


1: printer to use default gPrinter
2: .bmp file to print default gTTG_Target
3: number of copies default 1
4: print advice READY, INSERT, PIXEL, PREP (default)