graphic function ttg_insertbmp()

ttg_insertbmp() inserts a 24 bit standard .bmp file at position x, y into the current target bitmap gTTG_Target. The type of bitmap is checked and whether it fits into the target at the requested position.

The transparency parameter is either empty('O' for 'opaque' is default) or set to 'TI' (check the bitmap to insert for transparent color (gTTG_TransColor, set by ttg_transset()) or 'TT' which means 'do not overwrite transparent color in the target'.

Inserting of bitmaps is the last step in ttg_execute(). Hence, pixels which are NOT transparent are overwritten by the inserted bitmap.


1. x coordinate for upper left corner of image
2. y coordinate for upper left corner of image
3. fullpath of image to insert
4. 'O' (=opaque) or 'TI' = transparent image or 'TT' = transparent target