graphic function ttg_fontselect()

The function ttg_fontselect() lets you choose one of the fonts 'A' trough 'F' defined for the selected printer (gPrinter) or one of the fonts 'G' through 'L' defined for the current program.

Do not forget a ttg_fontselect() before you write the first text. In the beginning of a Tool&Task-session, the 6 printer fonts of the current printer are transferred to homerg2.dll and font 'A' is selected as a default.

For better understanding: homerg2.dll always stores 12 fonts. The data of the first 6 are transferred whenever the printer is changed or the setting of the fonts of the current printer are changed. The additional 6 fonts also have a default but you can overwrite it. A new session will consequently start with the Tool&Task defaults again.

If you want, write a program <gUserDataTT>source\myfonts.prg and define the fonts for your graphics ('G' through 'L'). Call this program wherever you use these fonts.

lcommand = "do " + gUserDataTT + "source\myfonts.prg"




1. Letter 'A' through 'L'