graphic function ttg_createbmp()

This is the first Tool&Task Grafic command when you want to start your program with a new bitmap. This image is created according to your parameters.

gTTG_Pixset is cleared
gTTG_Insert is cleared
gTTG_Width is set to the width of this bitmap
gTTG_Height is set to the height of this bitmap
gTTG_Source is set to the file name of this bitmap

As all bitmap creating ttg_ commands do, the function returns the width and the height of the bitmap (see functions get_x(), get_y())

Since the complete image of the bitmap is in memory during creation, other commands are executed pretty swiftly. Hence, it makes sense to enter these commands before ttg_createbmp(): Currently (version 2.90) the following commands will be interpreted:

ttg_brush(), ttg_brushcolor(), ttg_pen(), ttg_pencolor(),

ttg_line(), ttg_rectangle().

As an example, when you print many pages for a planner, a common background image can be created (ttg_createbmp) and afterwards this page is opened with ttg_openbmp and the text information or changing images are inserted.


Parameter 1. width of bitmap
Parameter 2. height of bitmap
Parameter 3. RGB color of background default WHITE = RGB(255, 255, 255)
Parameter 4. filename (fullpath)