graphic function ttg_bcsetparam()

For all barcodes printed by TTG, the same set of parameteres can be selected. These parameters must be all supplied since thy have no default.

Open the form M_BARCODES and create the bar-code you want.


1: width of smallest element in pixel
2: height of barcode (including code string if selected)
3: shall code be printed as string (0=no, 1=yes)
4: color of bars red (no default)
5: color of bars green
6: color of bars blue
7: color of spaces red (no default)
8: color of spaces green
9: color of spaces blue
10: color of font red (no default)
11: color of font green
12: color of font blue
13: font to select
14: '+'/'-' for space or indent
15: pixels space or indent