grafic function ttg_bar_2of5i()

T&T Grafic function ttg_bar_2of5i

Barcode 2 of 5 interleaved only codes digits ('0' - '9'). The code for each digit has 5 elements, 2 wide and 2 small ones. It codes pairs of digits where the first is coded as 5 bars and the second as 5 spaces. If the number of digits you provide in the code string is not even, a leading '0' is added automatically. You may add a check-digit for your string. it is returned by getcheck_2of5i(<code string>). In this case the complete sting is transferred to the routine.

(see example). As we experienced, there are barcode readers which do not read code strings shorter than 6 is more information about this barcode: English,German.


1: name for bitmap to create
2: string of digits to code