function tt_printer()

The form m_sysdef (=System Settings, 'gear' icon from toolbar) allows to declare your printer(s) for Tool&Task.

If you have more than one printer to be used in Tool&Task, enter them all into the m_sysdef table. This form has a checkbox to set for the default printer you want.

The printer icon from the toolbar opens form m_seleprint, which can be also used to change the current printer. In you programs you may use the command tt_printer() to select one of the defined printers for the printout of this program.

By defining the current printer, some public variables for Tool&Task Graphics are set ttg_common and the font definition ('A' through 'F') is transferred to homerg2.dll. (compare ttg_font())

The example for tt_printer shows where these variables are saved in the printer file.

You can defined init- or exit for each printer in m_sysdef if appropriate. Please enter these strings as bytes represented by two hex chars and divided by a blank


gPrinterInit = 1B 26 6C 38 48 27 38 108 56 72
gPrinterExit = 27, 69


We have totally changed the printing within Tool&Task from FoxPro reports to printing bitmaps created using Tool&Task-Graphic This change started in version 2.78 and will certainly take a while until enabled in all procedures. Do not hesitate do tell us printer problems or programs where you miss the ability of printing.


Global variables for printer

global contains
gPrintername of current printer
gPrinterInitstring to init printer mode
gPrinterExitstring to exit printer mode
gPrintCoordseither 'FULL' =printable area or 'PAGE'


1 Name of printer