function tt_open_table()

It opens a table exclusively and registers this table internally as open. To see a list of tables and files currently open, click the blue desktop icon at the right end of the tollbar and select show files, tables and some globals. this calls function tt_file_status()

The function tt_open_table() checks, whether the table is already open or not.

tt_open_table() returns the alias name of the table. Use this alias name to close the table as parameter for tt_release_table().

You should use this command rather than the FoxPro use command Since you integrate tables used in your programs into the Tool&Task surveillance system for files and tables.


1. table name (alias) or fullpath
2. either 'TEMP/' if the table is in <guserDataTT>temp\
'HFILES/' if the table is in <guserDataTT>hfiles\
of "FULLPATH" if it is a full path to a table