function: tt_erase_table()

This function erases a table (.dbf) and all connected files (.idx, .cdx, .fpt, .tbk, .bak). The function receives 2 parameters. If the table resides in <gUserDataTT>hfiles\, the first parameter is the name of the table(.dbf may be omitted) and the second parameter is "HFILES\". those tables in <gUserDataTT>hfiles\temp\, have also the alias name as first parameter and the second parameter is "TEMP\". The third alternative for the second parameter is "FULLPATH". IN this case, the first parameter is the fullpath of the table (.dbf included).

In any case, the second parameter must be specified exactly as described - upper case letters and a trailing backslash for the two directory abbreviations.

If the table to be erased is open, it is automatically closed to enable an erase of the files


1. Alias of the table or fullpath of the .dbf file
2. either "HFILES\" or "TEMP\" or "FULLPATH"