Tool&Task tidy_up_temp

tidy_up_temp.prg is called when Tool&Task closes. The target of this program is the gUserDataTT\temp directory. A lot of files are generated in this directory during the run of the program. Allthough it was no problem to directly delete these files when they are no longer needed after closing a form or a program, but sometimes they are needed again in the next form or, in case of a problem, they are sent to the Tool&Task Team to find the reason for an error. Hence, some files are just closed and let behind. tidy_up_temp checks the directory for files older than 2 days (= last write on the day before yesterday or younger) and deletes them.

The next 'room to clean' is the Tool&Task protocol. gUserDataTT\hfiles\tt_prot.dbf. You may have checked it in m_protview. There you find - for instance - a documentation of each byte which was sent to the Homer server and was not communication with Tool&Task help. We take this very seriously! Nothing, with the said exeption, is communicated without your consent! Tool&Task does not even check for a new version if you do not push the new button and when you push it, the number of bytes sent is in the protocol!

We were asked: 'Why, ..., do you need 360 bytes to ask for a new version?' It is because an update requests sends your current version of a list of system files. Exes, Dlls, some lookup-files and the number of the last help-file you downloaded. Last but not least, the coded information of your Tool&Task name and registration is added. Your Email address is never included after your first request for a registration.


You decide within the System Definitions, first page, how many lines of this protocol will be kept or for how many days these lines should be stored and tidy_up_temp takes care of it.

Next task: There may be a fresh file <gUserDataTT>\temp\fox_dll.txt. It keeps information about certain actions in tt.exe and the dlls loaded by this executable. Momentarily, there is tt.exe, tt_up.exe, tt_hot.exe, tt_64.exe, homer.dll, homer2.dll, homerg2.dll, homercx.dll and qr.dll. The .exes and the .dlls feed data to a procedure 'timepunch()' which only writes into fox_dll.txt if switched on by a button in the form just mentioned. This System is only used for chasing errors, difficult to grasp. The information can be totally different whith a new version since those lines are programmed according to the error which is currently examed. If the error scarcely occurs, the lines might be left in place. Don't use timepunch() if you are not advised by a member of the Tool&Task Team since the procedure is time consuming. tidy_up_temp only keeps the last 10000 bytes of the actual file.

Last task: All files in <gUserDataTT>\printlist are deleted. These are screens you sent to the printlist (not public yet in 2.75) but did not print them.