Invitation to Tool&Task Help&Info


We hope you like this attempt to provide easy access to hundreds of topics! The main improvement of the new help system is the use of a tree list in the left of the page. We found an example and the corresponding source 'collapsible list' written by Stephen Morley Thanks a lot for many great ideas and elaborations on your homepage!

In Tool&Task a FoxPro® table was created to keep all topics ordered in up to 4 levels. The complete information for each topic was entered into a second table and by a mouse click, all records are compiled to .html files and all example programs are executed and the example-images are drawn to be included into the .html documents. A second mouse click and the current treelist is in place. Please apologize that many topics were created to test the system but only exist of the information that they are still empty. At least one is filled with information per day, hence gaps should be closed by Xmas!

In many help screens, sample code is included for better understanding. Those pages show a button to copy the source to clipboard. If you call such a screen from a Tool&Task installation, the clipboard is directly converted into a program and added to your source collection within TT. Compile and run this program with 2 mouse clicks and you have the resulting image of this example on your screen. Afterwards it is very easy to change lines of the program and thereby explore and understand the code.

We encourage you to use FoxPro® and tt(g)_functions within Tool&Task!. It will open up the big advantage of this tool collection over others: The scope of procedures does not end at the horizon of the authors thoughts. You can go bejond without reinventing the many wheels already provided by available source. But I never wrote a single line of source! Try it and realize: Oh yes, I can!