Tool&Task registration

Tool&Task includes a lot of communication utilities and even allows you to send program source (archives) to other TT-users. Just to know: Who is sending?, we need a way of identification. For this purpose, you register your Email address in combination with a Tool&Task name (tt_name). You propose this name and during the registration process, the system checks whether this name already exists or not.

The Tool&Task name is minimum 4 characters long and has a maximum length of 24 characters. Only characters between 'A' and 'Z', 'a' and 'z', '0' and '9' and the characters '-' and '_' may be included.

You should choose a name, which identifies you to friends, since this name is transferred with any Tool&Task communication. In contrast, your Email address is NOT transferred again in any TT-specific conversation after the registration application.

In case you do not want to use Tool&Task any more, you can unsubscribe from Update&Info service whenever you want. This will immediately remove your Email address from our registration file. Also the names of your computers, which we keep with the currently installed version, is deleted instantly. We only keep the name and the time you unregistered and will not allow this name again - at least for a while.

The service tag (you receive it with the registration process) will be removed from defines.dbf instantly. When you use the Windows® uninstall procedure for Tool&Task the directory gUserDataTT should be completely removed. A program will remind you of other directories which might hold files accuired with Tool&Task. They are not erased with the uninstall procedure since these directories were not known at time of installation. You decide to keep these files or not.

And what happens, if somebody else triggers my unregister procedure and, with a mouse click, deletes all my files?

You reload the files from your backup!

To avoid this, you set up a local password within Tool&Task. This password is never transferred and (momentarily) not used for anything else. Currently, it only protects the access to the form m_personal, where the delete procedure for Tool&Task files is invoked which do not reside in <gUserDataTT>. It might be used for additional purposes in the future. The form to enter this password is m_perspass. Get more information there.


Using Tool&Task on more than one computer

You may use Tool&Task on as many computers as you want.

When opening m_personal of a registered installation, there is a button. 'export registration' and if the installation is not registered 'import registration'. At export, a file T&Treg.dat is written to a directory of your choice. At import, you are asked to point to this file.

CAUTION: When you unregister a Tool&Task name, the Tool&Task registration data of a further computer registered with this name will be deleted with the next contact to the Homer server!

You can install Tool&Task and use many procedures without any registration. Updates, they require registration, are actually not necessary since you may install a later version over the existing one. Your data should not be impaired as long as their structure is current. Nevertheless, some activities are not possible with unregistered versions and we publish 5 to 10 updates before we setup a new installation. There are 'mandatory' updates to keep data consistancy. If we do not know your installation, we can't send an Email.

Have fun - and if not, tell us why not!

Tool&Task Team