form m_printampli

The form m_printampli receives the image to print from the Imageviewer m_bmpview and the setting for the amplification of the image from the form m_getsize

To ease the cutting of the printed pages you may add frame lines. Check the boxes and select an appropriate color for these lines.

If you want to change settings from m_getsize, use the back button

Especially when you create many pages, it is helpful to print them in rows. Right-click on the print-button and enter the first and last page number in a row (e.g. 13-24) or enter the number of one page or a couple of numbers seperated by comma.

After changing the size of the form m_printampli or changing the color or request of the frame lines, please press the button show to rearrange the display. If you want a printout of the form, right-click on the backcolor of the form and select print single item page.


There is a little movie explaning the tool 'print on multiple pages'. This is the link to the example file Stern mit Mütze used in the movie.