form m_password

This form is called, whenever a text file (m_openedit) or a Tool&Task archive(m_archive) is password protected. If you enter a new password, this password has to be typed twice to avoid a typo which could block the file since you might not repeat it.


The eye-button let's you decide if you want to see the characters you enter or not. When you start the form the eye is crossed out and characters you enter are displayed as an asterix (*).


The file will be packed into a zip archive and this archive is encoded with the password.

Please understand, this is not the strongest crypting algorithm, but it is certainly sufficient to protect the file from unwanted access on your computer.

Tool&Task expects a password with a minimum length of 3 characters and a maximum of 20 characters.

Please take the password protection seriously! At least when you write and send an archive. This may contain software and enables the author to do a lot on the clients computer! If the archive has a strong password and this password is NOT included in the Email containing the archive but exchanged at the phone when you discuss the content with your client or friend, it is practically impossible, that an unwanted and potentially harmfull source is unpacked!