form m_getsize

Open an image in the ImageViewer (m_bmpview) and right-click the full image. A menue will pop up including the command print 'enlarged centered'. This program will produce a printout of the image currently selected on multiple pages. Firstly, m_getsize is called and you can enter the final size for the multipage printout. The option groups on the right top of the form let you choose either cm or inch as dimension for your entry and whether the final size applies to width or height. The remaining value results from the ratio of the image.

A third option group is to either create a margin at right and bottom of each page for glueing the pages together. The distance from the printable area to the edges of the page might be too small for this purpose. You also can select to only use part of the page. The corresponding measure applies to either width or height as selected by the option group above. The remaining side is completeley used. This might be helpful if you intend to glue the pages edge to edge and want to keep certain distances.

You either can cancel the process or execute and show the multiple pages in the form m_printampli


There is a little movie explaning both forms. This is the link to the example file Stern mit M├╝tze used in the movie.