Tool&Task convert data

Actually, I was testing the new SQL-table copy command using a MySql Unicode Driver. Would be good to have an example table including all types of fields for a for a convenient debug session! No big deal! Setup a tt_test_table with a few SQL commands and insert a few records. Could be available as a download later. Of course we need a Blob field. This field needs data. Usually, they are inserted using Load_File() but in this case, a file must be included in the download. Better was a string which would be a few lines in the SQL example. Ok - need a hex string from the file to use. And so this form was created.

It is easy to use. Select a file using the '...' button. It does not make sense to open huge files to produce thousands of lines hex code! Choose something below 5 kBytes. As soon a the file is selected, the corresponding code is in the edit-box. Copy it into the clipboard and paste it in place of your insert value for the SQL table.

A double click on the edit field opens the source in the editor you defined and you have all options to save or edit the file.