form m_browse

You have a lot of data tables in your <gUserDataTT> and you might be interested what they contain. There is a complex FoxPro® command browse which enables you to do this. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to get along with this command, if you are not yet familiar with this data base language. Hence, we provided a form which should ease the access to any file which is not used by the program momantarily.

This brings us directly to 2 tables which are almoust always open when tt.exe is running: <gUserDataTT>HFILES\defines.dbf and <gUserDataTT>HFILES\tt_prot.dbf. Since these files are opened by the program you will not be able to open them again using m_browse. This is why, we included a viewer for each of this files. showfields.prg lists all fields of defines.dbf in an alphabetical order (defines.dbf has only one record) and m_viewprot adds selection criteria to browse Protocol lines.

Caution: you can change data in these files needed by the program exactly in the the way they are kept!

All-clear in the sub-directory <gUserDataTT>TEMP\. All the files there might be deleted at any time. It is possible that a programm stalls since it had written them before the delete and gets them knocked off by your action. Latest at a new start of Tool&Task, files will be rebuild by the corresponding program.


If you are not sure, do not change files used by the system.