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The main advantage over other tool collections is the ability of Tool&Task to include individual programs. TT is written in FoxPro® and this programming language can compile and run external source under a runtime environment!

Since there are certainly users of Tool&Task, who do not (yet) have the necessary scills to write such a program, we have included an archive system for experienced programmers to generate such a program and send it via Email to the 'newbie'. He or she has immediately the source and correspanding files of the program from this Email installed and can run it.

Here's help to install a Tool&Task archive

Open the Email with the archive and click on the name of the archive. The file was named by the programmer, the extension is .tta which means Too&Task Archive. Click on the filename and it shoud be selected (=blue background). Press <CTRL>+C or, if you prefer the mouse, right-click on the name and select copy. Both procedures copy the complete file into your clipboard. If you close the Email browser, this program might remind you, that a lot of information is in your clipboard and ask if you want to delete these data. Please not!

Open Tool&Task and click the blue funnel icon from the toolbar. It starts the form m_runprog which is the Tool&Task environment to edit, compile and run own source. Right at the top you see the button 'Clipboard' - hit it. On finding the archive, a form pops up asking for the access code to the archive. You receive this code from the programmer who build the archive. This password should be exchanged at the phone and NEVER be printed in the Email. NEVER use an archive from an Email where somebody you don't even know promises the cooles program ever, access code included!

After entering the correct access code, the archive is read and you are informed about the Tool&Task-name (=tt_name) of the author, the number of files and the file names. If the list meets what you expected, click 'yes' on the question whether you want to keep these files or not. This opens the first program in the list of files.


Test Tool&Task Graphic examples

The help screens for TTG functions include example code resulting in the upper left image of each page. Click the Clipboard button of the internet page, then the Clipboard button described above, and when the source opens on your computer click Compile and Run to see the same image in your Tool&Task ImageViewer.
Try here.

Have fun changing the code and working with FoxPro® and Tool&Task Graphic.