Is Inernet available?

The color of this toolbar button shows you whether you computer has internet access (green) or not (red). This check is done at opening Tool&Task and when you click the button. To find the answer, Tool&Task calls the network command route print and checks for a line indicating an Internet connection. (target IP It is possible to have a green button but no access to a target in the Internet. Please check using m_tracert. This checks the complete connection to the target and might indicate the reason for the problem.

Read more about right-click on the green button under form m_myip.

If you want to see what route print returns, go to miscellaneous, select execute command in directory (m_cmddir), click add empty line, replace the left part of the grid (target directory) with C:\ or any other directory, enter route print in the right part of the new line (command line) and click start command. The result should be there in about a tenth of a second. Start reading more about network routes here.