global gUserDataTT

There are many computers in this world, where more than one user wants to keep his or her data seperated from other users.

Windows® has an effektive system by providing a sub-directory under C:\USERS for each user. In the following tree are the corresponding data. When you install a new software, this program adds a couple of sub-directories to the users tree and stores the data there.

A disadvantage of this system is, that the user may have problems to find the own data. You might think, some companies do not even want you to know, what they write on your disk with their program. They bury them deep, deep in the djungle of sub-directory trees.

Tool&Task wants to give you a complete and easy overview about the files the system maintains. This the reason for the global (= public) variable gUserDataTT. It is the the root of Tool&Task data files from the respective user in the Windows®-user-data-tree.

The advantage of such a User-Data directory for TT data is, that Windows® allows you to write any file into this directory. Hence, there will be no restrictions which could impair the action of programs. The global variable allows you to use it in yoiur own programs and even send software which will position files in the corresponding directory of any Tool&Task on any computer.

gUserDataTT has a couple of sub-directories for different groups of files. Please find an example for the use of <gUserDataTT> under this topic.

In the example programs we use the global as is since it contains the directory string. In the text, you might find <gUserDataTT> which sould mean that this name had to be replaced by it's value

Tool&Task offers a second directory TTRoot to store data deriving e.g. from FTP or SQL servers.