Exif common information

Exif abbreviates Exchangeable Image File FormatUsing this format, cameras can add information to an image and store e.g, exposure time, camera aperture, date, location (GPS), camera type and a lot more. Tool&Task has many graphic routines and we included interpretation and processing of Exif data. One idea is to add them to headers or footers when you print images. Printing lists are included in 2.86 and they should be applicable within 2-3 updates.

Exif interpretation has been added only recently (version 2.82) and we know, the routine needs some corrections. Hence we included the very reliable Exif Reader of Phil Harvey to give you the 'true result'. Whenever you see failures in our reading, tell us and Tool&Task should be also reliable soon.

Since Tool&Task, uses tables to further evaluate data from Exif, it might help you answering questions. We will find out, if there is an interest.

The help information is copied from an official source Exiv2, Image metadata library and tools to have it at the fingertips. Each page includes the link! Our intention is to add information to corresponding screens when evaluation is successful.

If you are interested to dig into this topic, tell us and we find a way to support your evaluations. A few Exif tags are on our list already. You will find the news in further versions.