Can you imagine that: I am using the ... routine in Tool&Task almost every day and never had a problem, now I downloaded an update and there is an error! When I read the explanation, these guys must have changed it, but never tested.

Exactly right. It was changed, but not tested.

Example: In 2.7.0 we changed the processing of date() and date-time() variables. Until version 2.6.9 the user defined in m_sysdef the type of date to use (e.g. AMERICAN, GERMAN, ITALIAN) and Tool&Task switched accordingly. Since this method caused some problems, we decided to only use AMERICAN and let the user define how the date should be printed (eg is GERMAN) This will certainly cause other problems but keeps files consistent when user change the display type.

m_search examined 221 forms and 450 programs of the current version for the commands tt_date() and tt_date-time() and found 127 occurrences. An exchange program modified these lines according to the parameters needed now. When testing the new version we found an error which occoured in a case, where the parameter could not be exchanged as the program was told to proceed. If this was in a routine scarcely or never used by us, the chance was low or 0 to find it. Now you find it! Its a piece of cake when the error causes the program to crash: An error report comes up and you click the send button. It is more difficult when the error is due to a constellation of data and the program crashes or - even worse -, produces a false result. In this case we might have to exploit debugging aids embedded in Tool&Task like TimePunch or insert a gDebugLine.

Long story short: Tool&Task has many errors and the number increases with new routines. All errors reported to us are eliminited as fast as possible. For the user, an error is disappointing and we are very sorry. But in any case, the repair is a mouse click away.


Not consistent forms


Hey, this form has a button and it does nothing! It says print but the printer keeps silent! It does not print!

A print routine is under way and our computers are printing already. But a flag is set, not to print in the fields. Normally, there is a form m_mess called with not public yet or so, but this call was forgotten. Not scarce, that we even forgot to finish this print routine. The worst enemy of an idea is a new idea!

Right-click into the background of the form (yellow). Click annex for Email to Tool&Task-Team and add something to the Email.

Would be great if you get the print button going!