Install Visual Studio® runtime and Tool&Task

Visual Studio C++ runtime

Tool&Task includes many procedures written in Microsoft® Visual Studio 2017 C++. These programs need a couple of dlls to function. This Visual Studio runtime environment is provided by Microsoft free of charge. We do not install these files automatically since the are already available on many Windows installations. If it is not available on your computer, please install using the following links. In case you have a 64 Bit computer, you need to download and install both runtimes. A 32 Bit computer will only need the x86 runtime.
download vc_redist.x86.exe
download vc_redist.x64.exe
if you want to get these links from a Microsoft page use this link.

Please do not forget to install the software by clicking the downloaded files.


Not to confuse: For the installation of both version of Tool&Task, you need Admin Privileges! The difference between the two executable is whether you need to confirm Admin privileges each time you start the program on your PC. The download process is described.

Following the Windows definition it is either:


As Invoker (click image to start download)

asInvoker privilege

Dear Administrator, install this version, if the proposed user of Tool&Task on this computer does not have Admin Privileges. Some procedures within Tool&Task are not accessible by this version and the user will not be able to copy files to the Windows® program directories. If files cannot be accessed due to insufficient rights, a message should explain it.

The size of installer (tut220.exe) 19.5 MB


Admin Privileges (click image to start download)


At each start of this version you need to confirm the User Account control form asking: Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer. We had procedures to create installation routines which required this version but currently, they are not included.

The size of installer (tat220.exe) 22.6 MB



What is recommended?

If you are not sure, use the As Invoker version. You will not need the very few forms of Tool&Task which use Operating-System commands requiring elevated (= Admin-) privileges.

If you feel to need those procedures later, you may install the Admin Privilege version at this time. This installation will not change the data you collected with the other version since there is no difference in this structure. You cannot change the version with an update of Tool&Task.



After installing, the non privileged version should start automatically, please start the exe requiring Admin Privileges using the desktop icon.

I installed Tool&Task (or downloaded an update), and the program does not start!

Let us find the reason! If the Tool&Task installation was completed, there must be the corresponding icon on your desktop. Please right-click on this icon with your mouse and select 'Properties' (bottom line) from the menu. In the first line, you see the full path of the tt.exe which is called by this icon. The line ends with a double quote. Click with the left mouse behind this double quote and add a blank, a slash and the letter V. The complete line will read now: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Homer\Tool&Task\tt.exe" /V
Close the 'Properties' by clicking 'Apply' (rightmost button at the bottom). When you double click the icon with the left mouse now, it will start Tool&Task in 'verbose' mode. This mode does a lot of internal checks and breaks the program a couple of times to show, which state of the startup has been reached successfully. Please remember the number of the last break which was displayed since the problem we are chasing, happens behind this break! After the last break (currently no. 5),all subsystems have been loaded and the Tool&Task error processing might show a reason now. Verbose mode might have written files to your user directory (C:\users\\AppData\Local\Homer\Tool&Task\TEMP\) during a verbose start of Tool&Task: setup_tables.txt will help to find any error caused during creation of tables, verbose_prot.txt will enable a program trace and fox_dlls.txt might show additional hints. hence, if you find these files, append them to an Email to us. Since the Tool&Task Email system might not be available, use your Email- client and send to Tool& We will try to amend the program as soon as feasible.