Install Tool&Task

Not to confuse: For the installation of both version of this Windows® program Tool&Task, you need Admin Privileges! The difference between the two executable is whether you need Admin privileges each time you start the program on your PC. The download process is described.

Following the Windows definition it is either:


As Invoker (click image to start download)

asInvoker privilege

Dear Administrator, install this version, if the proposed user of Tool&Task on this computer does not have Admin Privileges. Some procedures within Tool&Task are not accessible by this version and the user will not be able to copy files to the Windows® program directories. If files cannot be accessed due to insufficient rights, a message should explain it.

The size of installer (tut310.exe) 26.3 MB


Admin Privileges (click image to start download)


At each start of this version you need to confirm the User Account control form asking: Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer. Advantage is the access to a few more procedures and the unrestricted use of program directories.

The size of installer (tat310.exe) 26.1 MB



What is recommended?

If you are not sure, use the As Invoker version. You will not need the very few forms of Tool&Task which use Operating-System commands requiring elevated (= Admin-) privileges.

If you feel to need those procedures later, you may install the Admin Privilege version at this time. This installation will not change the data you collected with the other version since there is no difference in this structure. You cannot change the version with an update of Tool&Task.



After installing, the non privileged version should start automatically, please start the exe requiring Admin Privileges using the desktop icon.