Font Arial Unicode MS

FoxPro® does not support unicode. The program manages a couple of Windows® code pages but will only keep the characters of this codepage. Nevertheless, it is no problem to store UTF8 coded Unicode characters. Please check m_codepage for more details.

Coding Unicode characters using UTF8 enables Tool&Task to code the glyphs of almoust all languages of this world. To show these glyphs, Tool&Task uses the Arial Unicode MS font from Microsoft. This link shows the software products of Microsoft which include this font.

If you do not have this font file, many glyphs cannot be displayed. You get a warning when opening m_codepage.

Provided you have the font, you may use all characters available to fill in the field how to address you in m_personal. This field and the form m_codepage is a first step to international communication within Tool&Task. The input uses the FoxPro input filed and then codes the characters as UTF8 and displays them using the Unicode Font mentioned above. You will certainly realize the display change when pressing return to finish entry.

Let's see what we can achieve. If somebody is using a non European codepage and is willing to help us, write an Email. We appreciate any assistance!