Receiving a Tool&Task archive

When you receive an archive from a Tool&Task user, a file with the extension .tta (Tool&Task archive) should be appendet to the mail.

We do assume, you are awaiting this file and know the author of the message, nevertheless, we protected the archive by a password you need to know. If you have this password from the sender (hopefully not included in the mail!), go ahead and process the archive.

Never open an archive, if you do not expect it or even worse, if somebody promises you the coolest program ever and has - for you convenience - the password directly included in the mail. Such an archive may contain executable programs which could harm your computer. Hence, please take the password procedure seriously.

Select the annex (.tta) with your mouse and right-click on the file name to copy the file (<CTRL>+C does the same). When leaving the Email program, you might be asked if you want to keep the current information of your clipboard. Yes please, since it is needed in a few seconds.

Now open Tool&Task and click on the blue funnel icon from the toolbar. The form m_runprog opens and in the upper right of the form is a button clipboard. Click this button. You get info about the archive and will be asked for the password mentioned above. When you agree to extract the archive you are all set and the files sent should be in place and the programs (if included) should be listed in the grid of this form.